Domestic Related Crimes

What is Domestic Violence? 

Domestic violence is a major problem in New Zealand and the police can lay various charges including the following:

  1. Assault
  2. Male Assault Female
  3. Threat to Kill or cause GBH
  4. Breach of Protection Order
  5. Kidnapping
  6. Threatening behaviour

New Zealand takes domestic violence very seriously, and has enacted strict laws intended to protect the innocent and defenceless.

The Downside of Laws Intended to Protect

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to discern the difference between domestic violence and self-defense, or an argument in which things said impulsively are interpreted as real threats. And because the laws are written broadly enough to protect victims in a wide variety of circumstances, they often catch in their net people who have been falsely accused and those who have made a momentary mistake. 
For instance, picture a couple having a verbal argument. If one partner blocks the other from exiting the room, and grabs the cell phone out of the other partner’s hand, that person may be charged with assault.

Consequences for the Accused

No matter what led to you being charged with domestic violence, the consequences are real and serious, including:

  1. jail or prison time
  2. court costs and fines
  3. loss of employment
  4. negative impact on a custody case
  5. damage to your reputation in the community
  6. damage to existing or future relationships

These are very real possible consequences, that is why you must have a lawyer who will fiercely defend you and help to restore your good name.. Contact Baden Meyer today to discuss your options for defeating charges of domestic violence. 


Baden Meyer attended Otago University graduating with an LLB in 2000. Following his admission as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand in 2002 Baden worked as a member of several litigation teams in various highly regarded New Zealand firms before becoming a member of the independent bar in 2010.

Baden decided to become a barrister and work for himself because he enjoys the client contact and is energised by the challenge of advocating for his clients, whether in negotiation or litigation. Baden is able to keep his finger on the pulse of his clients’ matters at all times, from start to finish.

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