Criminal Law

Baden Meyer, barrister has extensive experience is representing individuals and companies charged with offences. Baden always aims to achieve the best possible result having regard to the circumstances that a client is facing. Obtaining legal advice as early as possible in any criminal process is critically important; call Baden to discuss and a plan can be devised to deal with your specific situation.


Not all prosecutions are successfully defended or even defended at all. It may be that after taking instructions that Baden will advise his clients to plead guilty to the charge (or a lesser negotiated charge). This can sometimes be the way to get the best possible result including the lowest penalty possible. The ultimate sentence handed down by the Court occurs after hearing submissions from counsel, considering any expert reports (including probation office reports) and taking into account the views of any specific victims. The Sentencing Act 2002 prescribes the matters that the Court is to take into account when determining an appropriate sentence. Baden is an expert at getting the best possible sentence imposed having regard to the specific circumstances of your case.


Criminal appeals can relate to convictions and/or sentences. Sometimes judges and juries do get it wrong and the only possible way to correct any errors is by appeal.


Baden Meyer attended Otago University graduating with an LLB in 2000. Following his admission as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand in 2002 Baden worked as a member of several litigation teams in various highly regarded New Zealand firms before becoming a member of the independent bar in 2010.

Baden decided to become a barrister and work for himself because he enjoys the client contact and is energised by the challenge of advocating for his clients, whether in negotiation or litigation. Baden is able to keep his finger on the pulse of his clients’ matters at all times, from start to finish.

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